Info Iceland sent 25.01.23

Information about Opus Dental in the Icelandic market

Considering the recent events, Opus Systemer AS see the necessity to inform you about our intentions and position in the Islandic dental market.

Opus Systems AS has recently terminated all cooperation with Sjöund SLF and Hermann Haukar Aspar both for operations and distribution of Opus Dental in Iceland.

The background is that it has come to our knowledge that Herman Haukar Aspar has introduced and delivered his own dental record system, with additional services such as SMS-service in competition with Opus Dental, under the name "Opus Clinic". Opus Systemer AS considers this a breach of the partner-contract he has with Opus Systemer AS, which prohibits him from developing, modifying, or copying Opus Dental. Moreover, as we see it, he has exploited the brand name “Opus” in his marketing, which can easily be misunderstood as part of the product range of Opus Systemer. We have therefore taken legal action against Sjöund SLF and Hermann Haukar Aspar as a part of the ongoing process. It is with a heavy heart that we feel compelled to take such serious steps and believe that it is necessary to inform you of the situation we are faced with and the steps we are taking.

However, the good news is that Opus Dental is still available in Iceland, updated with Sjukra for 2022 and 2023, including integrated SMS-service via Link Mobility. Opus Dental is, and will continue to be, a major provider of dental EPJ-system in Iceland.

Opus Systems AS has entered close cooperation with Garnes Data, which will be the local technical IT partner for Opus Dental installation, configuration, and technical support. Opus Systems AS's staff at the head office in Norway will be handling program support, to provide you with the best customer service available.

The database has not been changed which means that starting using Opus Dental is an easy and simple task. All that is needed is to install latest version of Opus Dental, with updated Sjukra, and activate the SMS-service from Link Mobility.

Garnes Data has all necessary software updates and technical knowledge needed for you to start using Opus Dental immediately. Of course, with close support from our staff as required.

Do not hesitate to contact us on +47 66 77 60 40 or and we will help you transition back to Opus Dental swiftly.  Please mark the subject line of the email with "Iceland”.

Opus Systemer AS