Considering recent events, Opus Systemer AS (“Opus”) finds it necessary to provide information about Opus’ intentions and position in the Icelandic dental market. As you probably are aware, Opus has had a long-standing cooperation with Sjöund SLF and Hermann Haukar Aspar for distribution and operation of Opus Dental in Iceland. The cooperation has, however, become more difficult over the last period and the cooperation has now effectively been terminated.
Opus has recently been informed that Hermann has developed and introduced his own dental record system, with additional services such as SMS- services, in competition with Opus Dental. Opus considers this to be a breach of the agreement with Opus, as the agreement specifically prohibits Hermann from developing a competing program while he is still bound by the agreement with Opus. Opus is also suspecting that the Hermann’s program may infringe intellectual property rights held by Opus. Moreover, Hermann has taken advantage of Opus’ trademark by referring to his own system as Opus Gateway or Opus Clinic and thereby taking unfair advantage of Opus’ reputation and creating the impression that Hermann’s system is part of the Opus suite (which is clearly not the case).
In addition to the above, Opus has been made aware that Hemann has been providing wrongful information about Opus to the Icelandic market inter alia in a letter sent by Hermann on Friday 27th of January. Without going into all the details, Opus would like to emphasise that the clinics cannot rely on the information provided by Hermann. The spreading of the wrongful information seems to be motived by harming Opus and taking over the customers.
In particular, Opus would like to underline that it is not correct that Icelandic clinics will be prevented from using the newly developed Opus cloud. It has come to our attention that Hermann claims that the new Opus Cloud will be illegal in Iceland. His accusation, that data will be kept outside Icelandic borders, is incorrect and not based on facts! Opus considers that he does not have sufficient knowledge of either the solution or the current legislation.
Opus assures you that Opus, at all times, will comply with the legislation of individual countries. As far as we are aware, Opus Dental complies with all local legislations and GDPR. Opus Dental is designed to secure privacy by complying the demands for availability, confidentiality and integrity. The program has had a revision, which complies with the strict rules of privacy in EU. Features such as access management, authorization records and transcript of activity are in place in Opus Dental, for your safety as well as your patient’s privacy. With the correct setup and predefined restrictions of accessibility integrated in Opus, you are well protected from legal actions related to breach of privacy and possible claims for compensation.

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The good news, however, is that Opus Dental is still available in Iceland, updated with Sjukra for 2022 and 2023, including integrated SMS-service via Link Mobility. Starting using Opus Dental is an easy and simple task. All that is needed is to install latest version of Opus Dental, with updated Sjukra, Opus SMS Service and activate the planSMS-service from Link Mobility.
With Opus and our 40 employees, we work daily to ensure that dentists have the best EPR program in the Nordic region. With our 30 years of experience, we know which resources are required for both quality and continuous development.
Opus is, and will continue to be, a major provider of dental EPJ-system in Iceland. Opus has in this respect established a cooperation with Garnes Data, ( which will be the local technical IT partner for Opus installation, configuration, and technical support. Opus’ staff at the head office in Norway will be handling program support, to provide you with the best customer service available.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on +47 66 77 60 40 or and we will help you transition back to Opus Dental swiftly. Please mark the subject line of the email with "Iceland”. We plan to arrange an information meeting in Reykjavik in February 2023 and will inform you about the exact time and place when this has been settled.
Kind regards, Opus Systemer AS
TEL SUPPORT (+47) 66776040 Nye Vakåsvei 64
MAIL 1364 Hvalstad
1. Family- and civil registry: This is already a function in other countries. Opus will of course connect the Icelandic version of the program to a lookup in the national register in Iceland
2. Opus RB for sending payment slips to online banking: – Opus Dental has an integrated mobile payment solution. This will take care of both electronic invoices to the patients bank and a PEPPOL format invoicing to organizations, that will transfer invoices directly to the organizations HER system. Additionally, the Mobile payment system will send the patients a SMS with a link to give them the options of paying by either debit card, credit card or invoice.
3. Orthodontic journal – Opus Dental has for more than 20 years had a customized orthodontic journal with clinical findings, model analyses, X-ray analysis and connection to the most commonly used trace systems. The orthodontic journal has been developed in close cooperation with orthodontic specialists. Opus is puzzled that the distributor makes a claim about defects in Opus Dental in this area. For information, there are also other specialist medical journals for use by general practitioners and specialists such as perio, endo, surgeon, trauma and psychologist.
4. Opus E-timebook - online booking: Let your patients’ book/cancel/change their appointment directly via through an API on your website or in a subdomain provided by us. You can decide for yourself what permission to be given and what therapists and treatments being published online. Save time and get more satisfied customers with Opus e-timebook. This has been in place for several years.
5. The Hekla portal to the healthcare service: In Opus Systemer AS we take GDPR very seriously. In Opus Dental, it is integrated: Service-based or person-based referrals, discharge summary, dialogue message (secure email) and medical certificate for several countries. These can also be sent to doctors. For Opus, it is obvious that personal data of a particular category (health information) cannot be sent by email. Opus Dental has the function of sending such messages in a secure and encrypted manner in Norway, etc., and will of course ensure that this is also adapted to the Icelandic market. Reporting to a country-specific core record is also coming soon and can also be adapted to the Icelandic requirements.
6. Arrival register: The patient must register his/her arrival at the clinic by providing his/her personal ID number on a touch screen in the reception or waiting room. In the appointment book, the patient is designated as arrived and you know that the patient is waiting. For clinics with a lot of traffic in the reception area or those who do not have a dedicated reception function, this arrival register is the perfect solution. This has been in place in Opus Dental.