Opus Dental is the most widespread practice management solution in the Nordic countries. The software has more than 15,000 users in ove 3,500 clinics. Opus Dental is the main product of the Oslo-based Opus Systemer AS. 

The company has developed software solutions for the dental market since 1993. Steady growth and success have enabled constant product development and established a solid foundation for the comprehensive dental software package. 

Opus Systemer AS develops and offers a comprehensive practice management solution to dentists in the Nordic dental market. Opus Dental software solution has separate localised language versions for Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. These versions are tailored to meet complex social security and compensation requirements. Opus Dental product development has also focused in providing good usabilty. 


The comprehensive Opus Dental practice management solution includes an illustrative dental status, an easily configurable appointment book, recall functions and a versatile invoicing module with all necessary patient printouts. The software also provides with invoice printing, receipts, cost estimates and prescriptions. With over 15,000 users, Opus Dental is the most popular practice management solution in the Nordic countries. The comprehensive Opus software solution meets the most demanding needs, yet is easy to learn and use. Years of product development and a solid knowledge of practice dental routines provide a software solution that truly streamlines key processes and supports the dental workflow with a digital solution. Software usage does not require adaptation of new routines, as most of its functionalities can be customized to meet the needs of small or larger dental clinics. All necessary clinical patient information in one view. The integrated Opus Dental and imaging software allows excellent usability and diagnostic support. This integration enables control of digital equipment such as the intraoral videocamera and intraoral x-ray with the same user-interface in a practical way.