Opus Dental

Published date:  Friday 12. November  2010
Opus Dental is a comprehensive practice management solution to dentists in the Nordic dental market. Opus Dental software solution has separate localised language versions for Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. These versions are tailored to meet complex social security and compensation requirements. Opus Dental product development has also focused in providing good usabilty.

The Opus Dental practice management software facilitates dental practice workflow and increases the overall effectiveness. The user-friendly Opus software supports key dental treatment processes and allows direct invoicing from the patient’s dental status in a practical and efficient way.

Opus Dental is seamlessly integrated with Planmeca’s imaging software Dimaxis. The dentist is provided with an easy and ergonomic access to all necessary clinical information, including the patient’s radiographs, in one view. This integrated software solution supports high-quality clinical diagnostics and improves chairside communication.

Can I use Opus Dental outside the nordic countries?
Opus Dental is also available as an English language version. The invoicing and management functionalities have not been tailored to meet any specific country requirements, but offer a general high-quality practice management solution. The software can be used in countries, which do not have any specific social security compensation systems.

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